Toddlers and Funky Fish

Once the babies have reached the stage of walking they are often moved into the main Nursery, into the toddler group Jelly Fish Toddlers.

Here, they are able to roam a little more freely, should space allow.

In the Jelly Fish Toddlers group, they are encouraged to explore and are able to enjoy a variety of activities such as Arts and crafts, cooking, soft play equipment music and movements and treasure baskets. We actively encourage heuristic and sensory play. From Jellyfish Toddlers their next move is onto Funky Fish!

Funky Fish is the next stage where the children are all achieving their 2nd birthdays between 1st September and 31st August. The children are divided into 5 groups of 4, each with a dedicated Key Worker and usually within the age range to help plan for developmental milestones.

Children at this stage are enjoying playing together, acting like little sponges soaking up all that is going on around them. This is often the time for a range of behaviours to begin to appear. This is often known as the terrible 2s, but don’t worry, the staff are very experienced in coping with this time and are always happy to share ideas with yourselves on strategies. From here they move onto the Lower Preschool.

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