The Elementary Curriculum

The Monkey Puzzle Montessori School 6-9-year Elementary programme will provide flexibility over several years and a smooth continuation of the Prep class learning experience.

While the emphasis will be on following a Montessori Curriculum, all Key Stage 2 targets will be closely monitored and the children will be encouraged towards meeting all these requirements. Montessori underlined the importance of continuing to update the curriculum; we will follow developments in educational research and implement these when and where we feel necessary.

What are the fundamental differences between a Montessori Elementary Class and a traditional primary school?

  • Children have choices, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ curriculum. Students are encouraged to be curious; they are engaged and love learning.
  • The classroom is full of materials instead of textbooks and worksheets. Children learn to solve problems and think instead of learning repetitive, memorised information for optimum performance in standardised tests.
  • Teachers gently direct the children within the prepared environment, rather than solely teach to groups. They individualise lessons and instruction to keep each child optimally challenged.
  • The day has 2–3 hour work periods, instead of a schedule where activities are constantly changed.
  • Children learn with and from each other in a mixed-age environment. Instead of competing, they grow into a community and practise all-important social skills every day.

Autonomy is a huge factor in motivation and the Montessori Elementary curriculum enables children to have a say in their learning. Of course, each child must learn certain skills; mastering numeracy skills isn’t optional but instead of forcing each child to complete the same worksheet, the Montessori Elementary class ensures repetition by offering a variety of materials for practising a given skill and helping to encourage interest and understanding.

For further information on our Elementary Curriculum please contact us.