Transitioning into Monkey Puzzle

A transition is a change a child encounters moving from one place to another.

As your child develops they will experience a transition from one learning environment or setting to a new one. By the time your child reaches school age, they may have experienced several transitions which will have helped them to adapt their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour to meet new expectations. These transitions may have included:

  • A transition from one provider to another.
  • A transition from a childminder to a Nursery.
  • A transition between rooms.
  • Nursery to a school.

Transitions need continuity to provide the child with confidence, thereby helping them to feel secure and making the process exciting for both themselves and you as parents.

Transition routines will vary depending on the move that the children will be undertaking. The staff will help prepare the children as best as they can when moving between rooms and the two locations, ensuring that a full handover is given as well as introducing the children to their new key workers. When the children are moving to mainstream schools at the end of their time with us we will ensure that all EYFS transfer records are up to date and completed to be handed over to the schools for the new teachers. Teacher visits are openly encouraged and each year we see several reception teachers coming in to meet their new children.

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