Lower Preschool

This is the age where the children start Pre-School and start to follow the guidelines of the Foundation stage which will continue through to Reception in their Mainstream school.

The staff introduces the children to new concepts that will form the basis of lifelong learning. We often say that you don’t build a wall without foundations and we have found that learning is the same. Strong foundations allow for a lifelong love of learning.

The children discover a multitude of colours, numbers and shapes, and discover pockets of new information each day with the help of topics. It is these topics which help to cement their love of learning with covering interesting subject areas such as “People who help us,” “The Arctic” and many more. Festivals and special days that are celebrated both locally and around the world are also spoken about to help the children gain a wider understanding of the world around them. The Children are also introduced to French one day a week from January.

This is the beginning of the “Foundation Stage” which is a 3-year programme that ends once your child has completed Reception class at School. We are laying those important foundations which will allow them to develop their Fine motor skills which will lead onto learning to mark making and then form letters numbers and recognise colours and 2D shapes. We will be working on those important social graces that form the foundations of life itself.

At this age, we recommend that the children join us for a minimum of three days a week. This allows the children to settle into their new routine quickly whilst allowing us to cover all areas of their developmental needs. Our minimum hours is a 6 hour day with all drop-offs in the morning between 8 and 9 am.

Their final move within Monkey Puzzle is into our Upper Preschool group.

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