Settling In

When your little one joins us at Monkey Puzzle it is important for everyone that they settle into daily life as quickly and happily as possible.

Some children will feel comfortable straight away whilst others may take a little while to relax in their new environment. We want your child to feel safe, happy and secure in your absence as they cannot play and learn successfully if they are anxious and unhappy.

We aim to make Monkey Puzzle a happy fun place where children settle quickly and flourish in their new surroundings.

Our settling in procedure aims to help both Parents and children to feel welcome, comfortable and involved in our daily life as soon as possible. Before your first day with us here at Monkey Puzzle we use a variety of ways to provide you with information. These include written information, visits to the pre-school and open mornings.

We aim to share as much information as possible with you about life in the setting before your child starts.

We quickly establish our daily routines as these routines play a central role in your children’s lives and it is through repetition and expectation of what happens next that they increase in confidence. Children need this security as it helps them settle and feel comfortable allowing them to begin forming friendships with both their teachers and fellow children.

In order for us to get to know our children quickly, we encourage parents to share important details such as your child’s likes and dislikes, whether they have a comforter or favourite toy. We ask that you keep us updated on any changes in their home routine or any ongoing medical treatment.

Our ultimate aim is to have your child settled into life at Monkey Puzzle as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Life should be about having FUN! And that is what we want all Monkey Puzzlers to have.

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