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      We have had our annual inspections this last week at both school and nursery and we are happy to say that nothing went wrong! Linda even happily had her photo taken whilst she was… Read More

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      This year we have decided to put a team together to help raise money for Cancer Research UK by joining the Race for Life. We have held a very successful bake sale to help… Read More

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      Please see the attached image for information regarding our Autumn Festival this year. We are looking forward to savaging for coins by looking under the sofa cushions, down the back of the washing machine… Read More

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    Recently I came across a brilliant blog post where the author had made some rather funky cupcake cones for a kid’s party. I thought this would be a fun activity for the children to join… Read More

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    A very interesting read on the merits of Montessori. You can read the article here: The Monterssori Mafia

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    This weekend the Monkey Puzzle staff were treated to a trip to herm under the ruse of having a training session. We all gathered in the White House hotel to talk through the new changes… Read More

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    Congratulations to Thomas for winning our fantastic gingerbread house, handmade by our Preps Class. We managed to raise a further £33.60 for Purple Pinkie Polio Day. That’s another 168 vaccines for the children to protect them… Read More

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      The snow has finally abated enough for us to go back to our normal working hours from tomorrow Thursday 14th March. Both the school at Les Cotils and the nursery at Kings will be… Read More

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      It is that time of the year again when we fill your diaries with important dates… Please make sure that you have these all written down so that you do not miss out on… Read More


It is that time of the year again when we fill your diaries with important dates… Please make sure that you have these all written down so that you do not miss out on anything.

Monday 3rd December 10am               Dress rehearsal and filming of Nativity play for
                                                                      Citrus and Cherry tree groups only

Tuesday 4th December 10.30               Performance of “The Fairytale Land Nativity show”
                                                                      Citrus and Cherry Tree

Thursday 6th December 1.30pm          Harry Bound Room Performance “There’s something special going on”
                                                                       PREPS MULBERRY WILLOW AND APPLE groups only.

Tuesday 18th December                        Christmas Party please see posters in the class rooms

Thursday 20th December                      Term Time children last day before Christmas

Friday 21st December                             Holiday club and final day before Christmas

Thursday 3rd Jan                                    Monkey Puzzle Reopens Holiday club

Friday 4th January                                  Holiday Club

Monday 7th January                              Spring Term begins


Please note that this year’s Staff trip to Brighton is next weekend. A back plan is in place should we be delayed by bad weather or broken planes ! Keep your fingers crossed!


As you can imagine the arrival of Christmas is on every childs mind. The christmas chocolates are in shops, the christmas adverts have begun, and the christmas play rehearsals are well under way. 

We have all been talking about that dreaded christmas shopping list and how we are going to decorate our parcels this year, because of course it has to be fun and quirky and give that home grown look. Christmas is a time of arts and crafts with glitter galore and paper absolutely everywhere, so what better thing to make than a quick and easy craft that we could use for our parcel decorations this year. We came up with pom poms!!

Pom pom making is a great way to pass an afternoon by or even as a quick filler activity if you have a spare hour or so. We have come across a brilliant way of making these pom poms without having to use the usual cardboard inserts. Instead we have used a fork!!

This is a fantastic activity for the children as it is a quick task that they can fully immerse themselves in and they adore playing with them after. They even make brilliant toppings for those Christmas parcels.

So lets get started.

You will need some wool, a fork and a small pair of scissors.

  • Wrap the wool around the outside of the fork until the ball becomes quite plump.
  • Once you have finished use a shorter piece of wool to wrap between the center prongs to tie the ball nice and tight and to keep it secure.
  • Take the ball of wool off the fork and snip all the loops. Make sure that you catch all of those loops to allow for the ball to puff out properly.
  • Trim the extra long straggly bits to make your new pom pom nice, trimmed and gorgeous.

Now that you have finished your pom poms you can use them for a multitude of things. They make a great finishing touch for gift-wrapping or, combine lots together to make some funky bunting to go around the house.  Very stylish!!


Here at Monkey Puzzle, we love to keep the children’s’ creativity flowing by taking part in lots of arts and crafts activities centred around our current topic work. At the moment the children have been learning all about bonfire night and what the ensuing autumnal weather will bring. We have covered everything from the changes in the environment, to daylight savings time, to what animals hibernate during the winter.

Art is a very important subject for us to cover as it allows for the children to think creatively about their environment around them. It is amazing what they can make out of nothing and what a few leaves stuck onto paper with some glitter can make. Talking about their artwork helps them to become more confident in their language and to help broaden their repertoire of words.

Early Education has worded the benefits of practising art with your children perfectly so we thought that we would post their article below for you all to have a look at as well as a link to their other publications.

Happy Reading!

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