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      Here at nursery we are lucky enough to get to go on lots of fun outings to learn first hand about our current topics. This term we have been learning all about Autumn so… Read More

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      This week our Preps class were invited to sing some Christmas carols for the elderly at The Russells Centre to help spread a little Christmas cheer. They all sang their hearts out, putting a… Read More

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    Easter has arrived and with it has come lots of fun and exciting things for us to do. This week each group have made their very own Easter Hats out of brilliant crafting materials. As we have all… Read More

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      As you can imagine the arrival of Christmas is on every childs mind. The christmas chocolates are in shops, the christmas adverts have begun, and the christmas play rehearsals are well under way.  We… Read More

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      Whilst scouring the web for some inspirational montessori information we came across a brilliant informational youtube video talking about the benefits of montessori. It explains the differences between a montessori classroom and the conventional… Read More

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    Recently I came across a brilliant blog post where the author had made some rather funky cupcake cones for a kid’s party. I thought this would be a fun activity for the children to join… Read More

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    A very interesting read on the merits of Montessori. You can read the article here: The Monterssori Mafia

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      Despite the wind and snow we have made it in today to open the school. Please be very careful if you make your way in as the roads are a little treacherous and slippery. … Read More

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      As many of you have noticed, there havent been many blog updates for the children and parents over the last week! I was hoping you would not miss me for the week but that one… Read More

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    Here at Monkey Puzzle, we love to keep the children’s’ creativity flowing by taking part in lots of arts and crafts activities centred around our current topic work. At the moment the children have been… Read More

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      It is that time of the year again when we fill your diaries with important dates… Please make sure that you have these all written down so that you do not miss out on… Read More

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      Today we all took part in our Harvest Festival Assembly and had a brilliant time showing our friends the songs that we had learnt about harvest. This year we decided to raise money by… Read More

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      This year we have decided to put a team together to help raise money for Cancer Research UK by joining the Race for Life. We have held a very successful bake sale to help… Read More

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      Please take a note of these important dates for the coming weeks…..   World Book Day Thursday 7th March Bring your favourite book with you to read together in your class Red Nose day… Read More

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      The snow has finally abated enough for us to go back to our normal working hours from tomorrow Thursday 14th March. Both the school at Les Cotils and the nursery at Kings will be… Read More


ONCE AGAIN IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR where we have to say goodbye to some of our friends at Monkey Puzzle.

We will all hold fond memories of the years we have all spent together at Monkey Puzzle but will look forward to the next step in life.

We are all heading off to our new ‘big’ schools ready for our next journey.

To all of you that have left, PLEASE COME BACK and visit us in your new uniforms. We are infinitely proud of each and every one of you. 

Good luck and we wish you the very best.


We are in our final couple of weeks of summer scheme and each week we have had a different theme for the children to follow.

This week it was the turn of animals. We have had a brilliant week learning all about animals, with where they live and what they eat.

Whilst we were busy making our animal cupcakes we felt that we wanted to share this with you all as its a brilliant activity to do at home on a grey day. We have had a ball with decorating our cupcakes, giving the animals some eyes, noses and whiskers.

Here are some pictures of us decorating our animal cupcakes.

And this is what they turned out like….









We had a terrific find at a local car boot sale at the weekend with us acquiring this fantastic rustic tree trunk furniture from one of the vendors. He had carved and crafted the pieces himself from a tree that he had felled in his garden, and as soon as we saw it we felt that it would be perfect for our playground.

We managed to lug it back to school (its rather heavy) and place it into the playground ready for our Monday afternoon playtime. As you can imagine it has been a total hit with the children with them using it as a brilliant role play prop and just as a place to sit down and chill out in the sun.

Its a hard life being at Monkey Puzzle…!!

Our new rustic furniture

Well summer has truly arrived at Monkey Puzzle. The children have been burning off lots of energy out in the playground, enjoying the time in the sunshine all with fun activities that have been planned especially for them.

September is bringing about change for our Monkey Puzzle family as we are lining up a new way of keeping in contact with our parents and with our wider Monkey Puzzle friends. This last year has been one of excitement and joy with the build up to the grand release of our brand new website. We were lucky enough to be able to release our website out to the world back in March, giving you all a taster of what was approaching. We are now able to announce to you all that the full use of our website will be up and ready for the start of our new school year.

Our mission at Monkey Puzzle is to welcome your child into a safe and inviting environment where they are happy with their surroundings and feel comfortable. From here we are able to guide the children through important milestones in their lives allowing them to learn and discover new things. We understand that this is a very hard time for both the child and parents alike so we feel that it is important for you to stay up to date on what adventures and discoveries the children are embarking on each day. To do this we have developed a private area for our parents to be able to log on and see what their children are up to each week, highlighting everything from outings, to playtime and to what their current topic is.

The aim of our website is to keep you updated with what your child is experiencing on a daily basis. We will be using our public blog as a portal for ideas and articles that we feel relate to you and your children and allow you to think creatively. We will be uploading blogs daily with everything from lunch box ideas, to outings around Guernsey, to fun things to do on a rainy day. Important links and articles which relate to your children’s development will also be uploaded to allow for you to gain a little insight into how our teachers think and develop their own ideas for use in the classroom.

We like to think of Monkey Puzzle as a family, with our doors always being open to talk and for us to all be there to help one another. If you feel there is a fun idea that you would like us to add onto the website then please email it through to us as we will be happy to pop it up for all to see. During this time we are also in the process of establishing the Friends of Monkey Puzzle group who will be updating you all via our public and private blogging areas so be sure to keep an eye on these for important updates.

We very much look forward to you all gaining the full use of our website and we hope that it will be beneficial to you all.