About the Nursery

Monkey Puzzle at Kings is set in the grounds of Kings Life Health and Leisure club in St Peter Port. After a long search for larger premises we took the opportunity to have a purpose built facility designed for us. We moved in April 2008 and have enjoyed putting together a wonderful bright and friendly Nursery. We are registered for 62 children between the ages 3 months and 5 years daily and have 20 staff who are either key workers or holiday and sickness covers.

We are open from 8am to 5.30pm thorough out the year.

How to Enroll

Our school year begins in September each year when we welcome many new children into our Nursery. It is possible for a child to join us anytime during the school year however it is subject to availability.

If you wish to be added to our waiting list please email us at info@monkeypuzzlegsy.com where we can send you a preference form to fill in and return to us. We will confirm receipt. If you are looking for an immediate place please telephone the office on 725791 and check on availability. We are always happy to arrange a visit to the Nursery.


Jelly Fish Babies

Our baby unit (Jelly Fish Babies) can have up to 12 babies daily and is staffed by 4 very dedicated ladies. It is well equipped to cater to their every need with the room being temperature controlled and sound proofed to ensure a calm environment for the little ones.

We undertake a wide variety of activities such as messy play, music time, treasure baskets and heuristic (discovery) play with plenty of other play opportunities. The babies are able to play out in our enclosed garden area and often go out on walks around the neighbouring lanes in their pushchairs to get a little bit of fresh air.

Each baby has their own contact book which contains their daily routine and other important information. This is updated every day by their dedicated key worker to help aid communication between the nursery staff and parents.

Once the babies have reached the stage of walking they are moved into the main Nursery into the toddler group Jelly Fish Toddlers where they are able to roam a little more freely.

Jelly Fish Toddlers

In the Jelly Fish Toddlers group they are encouraged to explore and are able to enjoy a variety of activities such as Arts and crafts, cooking, soft play equipment music and movements and treasure baskets. We actively encourage heuristic and sensory play. From Jellyfish Toddlers their next move is onto Funky Fish!

Our toddlers group is run by Linaka and Nicholle who are very caring and dedicated and strive for the best for the children in their group.

Funky Fish Children

Funky Fish is the next stage where the children are all achieving their 2nd birthdays between 1st September and 31st August. The children are divided into 5 groups of 4, each with a dedicated Key Worker and usually within age range to help plan for development milestones.

Children at this stage are enjoying playing together, acting like little sponges soaking up all that is going on around them. This is often the time for a range of behaviours to begin to appear. This is often known as the terrible 2s but don’t worry the staff are very experienced in coping with this time and are always happy to share ideas with yourselves on strategies. From here they move onto the Lower Preschool.

Lower Preschool Children

This is the age where the children start Pre-School and start to follow the guidelines of the Foundation stage which will continue through to Reception in their Main stream school.

The staff introduce the children to new concepts which will form the basis of lifelong learning. We often say that you don’t build a wall without foundations and we have found that learning is the same. Strong foundations allow for a lifelong love of learning.

The children discover a multitude of colours, numbers and shapes, and discover pockets of new information each day with the help of topics. It is these topics which help to cement their love of learning with covering interesting subject areas such as “People who help us,” “The Arctic”  and many more. Festivals and special days that are celebrated both locally and around the world are also spoken about to help the children gain a wider understanding of the world around them. The Children are also introduced to French one day a week from January.

Their final move within Monkey Puzzle is into our Upper Preschool group.

Upper Preschool

Our upper preschool department is run by Sarah Gibson and Lorna Froome who help prepare the children for life at school the following year. All the information that they have learned in their previous groups will be revisted and used as a basis for the learning journey over the year. They will discover that numbers can be both a symbol and a quantity, and that letters have a sound and can appear both at the beginning, ends and in the middle of words. Shapes can be both 2d and 3d and have long difficult names which are fun to say. Science is always a very popular lesson and can be very exciting and sometimes very messy! The topics will become wider and more varied throughout the course of the year. There will be opportunities to go swimming and join our skill sets neighbours for football, gymnastics and tennis classes. Within their school week they will have 2 sessions of French with our dedicated French teacher and the enjoyment of numerous topic related outings.

During this year we complete Pre School assessment forms which we will pass onto their new school. We also liaise with the future schools allowing for organised visits to Nursery for the children to meet in their own space familiarizing themselves with each other ensuring that the big move into main stream school flows easily making it more exciting.

Nursery Fees

Fees are paid in advance and will be paid for and calculated from the 1st of each month with additional hours being invoiced on a monthly basis. Even if your child is sick, payment for your child’s hours must be paid.

Our hourly rate of fees is based upon your child’s birthday within the academic school year. The price from September 2015 will be £7.20 per hour for Pre-School (children who attain 3 years of age after 1st September), and £7.75 per hour for babies and toddlers. Individual hours are to be agreed between parents and Monkey Puzzle however a minimum of 6 hours a day is required.  All drop offs into nursery are between 8-9am each morning with our earliest pick up being from 2pm onwards.

Cooked lunch is available daily at the rate of £3.50 per day.

Change of Hours

One month’s notice in writing is required if you wish to change your hours, which must be agreed with the OFFICE STAFF.

Parking at Kings

Parking for drop offs and pickups is conveniently beside the Nursery entrance in the lower car park. Please remember that this is not available for all day parking and is used by Kings Club members throughout the day.