Special Educational Needs Policy

Aims & Objectives

  • Promote an inclusive environment where all children are encouraged to reach their true potential and build a firm basis for lifelong learning
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all children and recognises individual need
  • Work in partnership with parents and other professionals to monitor individual progress and plan future targets
  • Keep up to date with current initiatives
  • Liaise with and work alongside outside agencies and key professionals as necessary
  • Ensure that up to date records of children with SEN are completed and that these are monitored regularly
  • Ensure that records are made accessible to parents, key staff and professionals working with the child

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Child Protection Statement

At Monkey Puzzle our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of all children in our care. It is our aim to create an environment in which children are safe from abuse and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We are committed to working in partnership with families and other agencies to ensure the best interests of the child at all times. All staff employed by Monkey Puzzle will regularly undergo Child Protection training in order to update their knowledge on recognition and responding to incidents of Child abuse.

All Monkey Puzzle staff must complete an enhanced Police Check before commencing their employment and will be passed as suitable to work with children and young people by Health and Social Services. All staff appointments are subject to a probationary period and their position will not be confirmed until Monkey Puzzle is confident that they can be safely entrusted with the care of children. If an allegation or complaint is made against a staff member they will be immediately interviewed and suspended pending a full investigation into the alleged situation. HSSD Early Years department will be consulted and their procedures implemented.

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Complaints Procedure

Monkey Puzzle works very hard to provide an environment that is appropriate for you and your child. We will work in partnership with you and welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have with regards to you or your child setting. Monkey Puzzle has an open door policy and you are welcome to discuss any concerns at any time. However, from time to time, there may be issues that can only be resolved via an escalation procedure. If you feel that you would like to discuss an issue at a more appropriate level then please refer to the document available for download below.

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Behaviour Policy

This policy has been produced and agreed by the Monkey Puzzle School & Nursery team to ensure that all the children attending Monkey Puzzle are provided with a consistent approach to behaviour management. Young children often display a range of behaviours and as adults it is our responsibility to model and direct them towards appropriate ways of showing their feelings.

Our approach to behaviour is to focus on children’s appropriate actions and praise these fully, reinforcing and encouraging positive behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour is discussed and the child may be asked to leave a particular activity and spend some quiet time with an adult who will explain to the child why their behaviour was unacceptable. Our approach is consistent throughout the foundation stage to help children feel secure in knowing the clear boundaries and expectations of them whilst at School & Nursery.  Should it be necessary, issues with children’s behaviour will be written down in a child behaviour incident book and discussed with the child’s parents.

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Equal Opportunity Policy


This School aims to demonstrate through its work that it positively values and respects children of all ethnic origins/racial groups, religions, cultures, linguistic backgrounds and abilities. Children of both sexes are positively encouraged by staff to participate in all activities. This establishment considers it important to provide a range of experiences and an environment that will instill in the children a positive outlook towards people in our society whom they may see as different from themselves:

  • Toys and equipment will be chosen with the differing needs of children in mind
  • Displays will show and reflect a positive image towards the world in which we live
  • Books will be chosen to meet all the children’s ages and abilities and to reflect the many differing lifestyles there are in our society
  • Home corners will be changed regularly to show different cultures, races and the world around us


It is the policy of this School to positively value and respect people regardless of their gender, ethnic origins/racial groups, religions, cultures and linguistic backgrounds. A member of staff is employed because that person is considered to be the best person for the job.

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Sickness Policy

If your child becomes ill during our care, every effort will be made to contact you as parent/guardian to arrange for your child to return home as soon as possible.  If your child requires urgent medical attention and we are unable to contact you, we will make the necessary arrangements.  In most cases when a child is sent home, we feel it would be beneficial for them to see a doctor.

Please notify us if you are aware your child is unwell, has a contagious illness or has an illness that has been confirmed by the doctor.  Please inform staff if your child is on any medication. If your child needs medication throughout the day, please ensure that you bring it in, clearly marked for staff to administer.  Please note, you will be asked to sign a consent form.

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Terms & Conditions

One month’s notice is required if leaving Guernsey, otherwise, one term’s notice is required with fees being payable during this period. All pre-reception children are required to complete the school year unless leaving Guernsey. If the need for exclusion occurs, depending on the severity, up to one month’s notice will be given by Monkey Puzzle School. Once notice is given and accepted it is the Parents responsibility to cancel the standing orders logged with their Banks.

Waiting List

Monkey Puzzle operates a waiting list for available places.  No place is guaranteed until a written offer is received and relevant paperwork returned.  When places become available, you will be contacted in order of date registration. However we occasional have spare places which may suit you so please contact us to check for the latest availability.

What is Montessori?

The Montessori approach of education is built on the premise that children develop best if they can follow their own path of development rather than having to master skills at set times or according to a set curriculum. The aim of the approach is to help children become responsible, tolerant and compassionate members of their communities, able to solve problems, make good decisions and look after themselves, others and the environment. To facilitate this, Montessorians try to create an environment where children are free to follow their own path of development, but understand that this freedom will only work if they respect the boundaries and stick to the rules. In practice this is achieved in the following way:

A typical Montessori classroom is bright and uncluttered and laid out so that children can take responsibility for it by themselves. Children are helped to keep the room clean and tidy and shown how to return activities back to the shelves before taking out new ones. To help them in this endeavour, furniture and tools are child-sized and activities are easily accessible on open shelves. Children learn through play, so every activity is carefully chosen to be interesting and fun as well as teaching new skills or concepts. Activities are graded and logically follow on from one another. They are hands-on, encourage self-motivated learning and make use of all the child’s senses, recognizing that all children learn through different physical and mental challenges.

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Settling Your Child In

When your child starts at Monkey Puzzle, it is important for everyone concerned that they are happy and settle in as soon as possible.  Some children feel comfortable straight away, whilst others take longer to get used to their new environment. We want your child to feel safe and happy in your absence as they cannot play and learn successfully if they feel unsettled or unhappy.

Our settling in procedure aims to help you and your child to feel welcome, comfortable and involved at Monkey Puzzle. We aim to create a partnership with you as parents /guardian. To help your child settle in we organise a short visit before you start. This introduces both you and your little one to the staff who will be responsible for their education and welfare.

We will ask you to complete a registration form which we will keep on file. This lists contact details, allergies, immunisation history and any other important information which will help us settle them in. The staff will be available to answer any questions you may have after that visit. Often it is the parent who is more anxious than the child when starting Pre School. This is quite natural and we understand completely how you will feel. You will be welcome to telephone to check how they are if you wish.