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    Congratulations to Thomas for winning our fantastic gingerbread house, handmade by our Preps Class. We managed to raise a further £33.60 for Purple Pinkie Polio Day. That’s another 168 vaccines for the children to protect them… Read More

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      We are in our final couple of weeks of summer scheme and each week we have had a different theme for the children to follow. This week it was the turn of animals. We… Read More

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      As you can imagine the arrival of Christmas is on every childs mind. The christmas chocolates are in shops, the christmas adverts have begun, and the christmas play rehearsals are well under way.  We… Read More

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      Whilst scouring the web for some inspirational montessori information we came across a brilliant informational youtube video talking about the benefits of montessori. It explains the differences between a montessori classroom and the conventional… Read More

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      This week our Preps class were invited to sing some Christmas carols for the elderly at The Russells Centre to help spread a little Christmas cheer. They all sang their hearts out, putting a… Read More

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    A very interesting read on the merits of Montessori. You can read the article here: The Monterssori Mafia

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      Today is a big day for everyone at Nursery as we are full of sugary goodness with our bakesale to raise money for Make it Pink Day. We have been inundated with cupcakes, tray… Read More

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    Easter has arrived and with it has come lots of fun and exciting things for us to do. This week each group have made their very own Easter Hats out of brilliant crafting materials. As we have all… Read More

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    This weekend the Monkey Puzzle staff were treated to a trip to herm under the ruse of having a training session. We all gathered in the White House hotel to talk through the new changes… Read More

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      Monkey Puzzle @ Kings are taking part in Wear it Pink Day, on Friday 26th October. We will be holding a cake sale with some delicious baked goods, and asking the children to come to… Read More

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      We have had our annual inspections this last week at both school and nursery and we are happy to say that nothing went wrong! Linda even happily had her photo taken whilst she was… Read More

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      As many of you have noticed, there havent been many blog updates for the children and parents over the last week! I was hoping you would not miss me for the week but that one… Read More

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    We couldn’t resist posting this!! Its too true….  Thank you Christine for finding it for us….. ‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through the school The teachers were trying To keep their cool. The… Read More

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    Well summer has truly arrived at Monkey Puzzle. The children have been burning off lots of energy out in the playground, enjoying the time in the sunshine all with fun activities that have been planned… Read More

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    Here at Monkey Puzzle, we love to keep the children’s’ creativity flowing by taking part in lots of arts and crafts activities centred around our current topic work. At the moment the children have been… Read More


Today is a big day for everyone at Nursery as we are full of sugary goodness with our bakesale to raise money for Make it Pink Day.

We have been inundated with cupcakes, tray bakes, cookies and cakes ready for us to sell to help make a few pennies for us to donate, so remember to bring those pennies along with you when you pick us up so that we can treat ourselves to something sugary.

Check out the cakes below just to help wet that appetite.



Here at nursery we are lucky enough to get to go on lots of fun outings to learn first hand about our current topics.

This term we have been learning all about Autumn so a trip to the garden centre was on the cards for us.

We learnt all about the life cycle of a plant and the trees and happily went on a walk to see all the autumnal changes that are going on around us.

Check out the pics of our fun day out.


Today we all took part in our Harvest Festival Assembly and had a brilliant time showing our friends the songs that we had learnt about harvest.

This year we decided to raise money by emptying our pockets of loose change and donating it to the Salvation Army for them to help buy their Christmas food for the elderly. We are very proud to say that we managed to raise a whopping £335.00!!!!

Check out our photos to see what we did with all this change…


Now that October has rolled around and we have all settled into our new routines we have been thinking of some ideas for those dreaded healthy packed lunches. Getting that variety and choosing the healthy options as well as picking foods that we know our children like is hard but it is not an impossible task. We have been scouring the internet for fun and exciting ideas for what we consider fantastic lunch boxes. The finds we have stumbled across are amazing with parents doing everything from popping stickers on their foods, to adding a quirky treat, to using cookie cutters to make the food look more appealing.

According to the NHS a healthy balanced pack lunch should contain

  • Starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.
  • Protein foods such as meat, eggs, beans and others.
  • A dairy item such as cheese or yoghurt.
  • Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit.

Starchy foods are a great source of energy allowing the children to keep going thought out the school day. Instead of using sandwiches, why not try mini bagels, pitta breads or wraps or just change up your white bread to using whole meal.  Extra yummy!

Children are often fans of food that they can pick up and eat with their fingers so add in a few finger foods such as chopped up veggies with some hummus or breadsticks with low fat soft cheese.

We have come across a brilliant blog by this lady who thinks of some pretty inventive lunch boxes to keep her children on their toes… Check it out at the link below.


Here are a couple of examples of her bento box lunches…


Please see the attached image for information regarding our Autumn Festival this year. We are looking forward to savaging for coins by looking under the sofa cushions, down the back of the washing machine and in that pair of old jeans… Lets see how much money we can raise!!


As many of you have noticed, there havent been many blog updates for the children and parents over the last week! I was hoping you would not miss me for the week but that one week now seems to be rolling into the next as i am currently sat in the comfort of gatwick airport enjoying the delayed and cancelled signs that keep coming up on the info boards for our flights back  to Guernsey. I am sure there are many of you who are being affected by this but on the plus side, thank goodness for Cafe Nero!

Your blog updates will (fingers crossed) go back to normal by the end of the week and Ill make sure to add in a few extra snippets.

Sorry for any disappointment, trust me I would prefer to be back in the comfort of the office getting Corinne to make me some tea!

Until the next time….